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Soul Food

1 Peter 1:23 -“Having been born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, through the Word of God, which lives and abides forever.”

You won’t really get excited about the Word of God until you realize that it’s more than just a collection of divinely-inspired promises. It’s a living force that literally carries within it the power to make every promise become a reality in your life.

Is it tough for you to believe such a thing is possible? It shouldn’t be. You see it happens in the natural world all the time.

If I were to put a tomato seed in your hand and tell you that within that tiny, dry seed lies the power to produce a stalk thousands of times bigger than the seed. The ability to produce leaves and roots and round red tomatoes, you wouldn’t have any trouble believing that, would you? You know from experience that even though that scrawny seed doesn’t look like a tomato, somehow, given the right environment, it will become one. Jesus says that the Word of God works by that same principle (Matthew 13:1-9). There’s miraculous power within it. It is supernatural seed that once it is planted by faith in a human heart, will produce more blessings than you can imagine.

Once you grasp that, you’ll get extremely excited about the Word of God. That’s what happened to me. Over 30 years ago, I caught a glimpse of what the Word could do. I got a revelation of the power within it. I became addicted to the Word of God and it has totally transformed and changed me and how I look at life and has totally affected the results of my life.

After I understood this truth, I spent every possible moment in the Word of God because I wanted the power of that Word inside me more than I wanted anything else in the world. I knew it would blow the limits off my life, limits that had held me back and kept me down for years. I knew that when I read it, I wasn’t just reading, I was planting seeds. Seeds of prosperity, seeds of health, seeds of greatness, and seeds of victory for every area of my life. In the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom that we live in, there is no such thing as shortage. Where the shortage is, is in us. For most people there is a shortage of the Word that accesses all the resources of the Kingdom. Any time there is lack in our lives it’s an indication of a lack of the Word in our lives. Everything that God has is available to you but must be acquired by faith (Hebrews 11:6). Ramp up your faith by being filled with the Word (Romans 10:17)

Don’t treat the Word of God like a book. It’s not! It’s spiritual seed that has the supernatural power within it to produce a harvest for a lifetime. I encourage you today to get excited about the Word of God and start planting today!

My prayer for you today is that God would open the eyes of your understanding and give you wisdom and revelation knowledge of Him and the power of His Word in your life.

Pointing People to Jesus,
Rocky Byers
“On Earth as it is in Heaven!”

You Are Called